Recently I happened to read the news from Osaka Japan in which the mayor of Osaka, Hashimoto-san aggressively criticized a reporter for being ignorant of the background of a problem concerning the national anthem. When I saw a press movie that showed that interview scene, I thought he was indeed aggressive but mentioning a well-reasoning thing. Suddenly I just started curious about his character why he is so aggressive and insists persistently his opinions. Then I looked at a lot of his interviews, TV debate, and lectures. Based on those talks, his keywords are seemingly 'competetion', 'this case I am not involved (by mentioning the legal or administrative knowledge.)', 'So provide a concrete alternative strategy and do it if you can, you are an outsider always saying empty theories.', and 'That's not true you are totally wrong.(if people make a mistake, pointing out with sneer)'. The characteristic tendency of these debate strategy is a bit interesting because it reminds me arguments among junior high school or high schoolers. Or reminds sometimes a strategy finding a fault by people of a community in my rural area... Anyway I partly like his suggestion on 'competition' to survive in the globalization (because I am also aggressive person in my mind, and sometimes feel certain annoyance on people in my hometown area those who just seem stop thinking and indulge themselves whole life in the rural area), but his policy will not work completely, I am intuitively confident. Because all the people are not like aggressive and energetic Hashimoto-san, rather some of them are naturally or socially unable to compete and drop out of a competition, wishing for slow and peaceful life. Because they have no choice to get out of their situation due to financial, social, and inherent problems etc. So, his words are more or less the strong's theory. Possibly he will attack me 'so what you can do!! do it if you want~!' But I can just reply 'How scary~. If you would like to get a glory in his life and history (I guess that's a part of his innate desire but not necessarily for saving Japan) just find other enemies and I am an outsider as you would say, wishing not to be your competitor. So rest in peace (R.I.P) please.

Jupiter, from on high, laughs at the perjuries of lovers

"A kiss strikes like lightening, love passes like a storm." The message was written on the package of an Italian chocolate. Such epigram makes me smile during my hard work. It is a kind of refreshment. Ah, I am so exhausted these days. Although I don't let my guard down, always keeping fighting pose like Kiyoshi Kodama san. His book, Rounding off the fight (負けるのは美しく), was unexpectedly excellent one that I recently read. Strangely oppositely, I am getting bored with Taturu Uchida's books..In don't know why but I think it says just reasonable ordinary thought repeatedly, by which people assume that they reconfirm your thought..petit bourgeois's?
負けるのは美しく (集英社文庫)

first diary of the year

It is freezing cold these days. I am writing this with a new Macbook that I recently bought here. The keyboard is not the international one, but still operable. As like the keyboard, funny thing is when I have a dream, sometimes I am speaking and thinking in English. By the way, I believe and wish that Japanese in future is not only able to think in Yamatokotoba but think in other languages like many people from different nations here.
(The river is gradually frozen over...)

World began by a gluttony sin

I was in Florence. This was the first time in my life I had almost cried in the museum. I saw Sandro Botticelli's two masterpieces, 'The Birth of Venus' and 'Primavera'. The Genuine inheritance of human made me feel kind of religious reverence. If you go outside, you can see the same scenery in da Vince's 'The Annunciation'. So I slipped out of the ukiyoe, and am now in the European oil paintings, walking on the stone-paved street. I start loving Italy.
(The ceiling painting in the hotel room)

If I had one hour to...

I was terribly busy this month both officially and privately. What a little bit impressed me was a small farewell/celebration party. I just got the invitation from my colleague (A) to celebrate a colleague (B) who will leave here to be a boss in Japan. I had not seen him for three years even in the same area and we are not close friends. (A) have worked here for over five years, almost forties (I thought he is of my age..). He seems to be a fan of (B) because (B) is an exceptionally talented person.
Four middle aged men including me smacked our lips over sasimi and sake, talking about the fashion in 80's and our lives etc. (B) was often listening but sometimes he, I was surprised, replied to the questions with confidence. Some questions were difficult to conclude but he did immediately. In the height of the party, (A) asked (B) why you got many achievements even though you were lucky, and how you managed to get those achievements with minimal effort. (A) readily said 'Yes, I am lucky. So, I don't have no methods to get so. I just did what I wanted to do.' I thought he was kind to answer such a futile question. However, (A) continued to ask several questions like 'Actually I got offers from other Univs. here but I had to decline because...' or sometimes he belittled himself but by referring how he was talent..But the situation now was unlucky for him and so on. I was just listening and nodding. Suddenly, (A) asked me how about my opinion on the attitude of the work. The answer was 'I have struggled to do my work without thinking any philosophical and methodological thoughts. If you continue and love this you will get rewards. For me just do it is my way.'
I know that those people often think what we should be as the professional but don't take practical actions and thoughts. What they are doing is indulging (pretending) himself as the talented with complicated philosophy(?) or views. That's why those people cannot get achievements like (B). Eventually, people say 'that's cool Crespondence san!' with drunken voices... (B) finally asked us what did you think why I succeeded, and what was the difference?' (A) said, 'come on (B)! You know that, please tell me the trick!' In the party, (B) never answered the 'trick', saying why I am luck,Hmmm. I think (B)'s view is more ore less the same as mine except for that he is NOT lucky but he is unusually gifted.

The eye is a lonely hunter

I was hearing a radio broadcasted from USA during my desk work. The commentator was mentioning that people living in city areas feel three times happier than the people in rural areas, nonchalantly suggesting that you should rather move to a city if you don't satisfy your life. I cursed in my mind that's ridiculous suggestion! If you cannot afford to move to cities, it's impossible! That's the one reason young people in the rural area seem depressed or discouraged..even in the city. However, I thought it's true people will get more chance to feel their life worthwhile than those in the countryside. Of course, in childhood, rural areas are not bad for growing up among nature. That's I know from my personal experience. The problem is the lack of information about what is happening in the world..and you will realize that you are ignorant of the real great ocean after grown-up.
This week I recalled one of my own funny laws when I saw a newbie girl who is beautiful in our workplace. The law I found is beautiful or cute women fashionably change clothes everyday. Even more tone of voice and choice of wording sometimes attract me. Like when you notice a (or double) rainbow(s) outside, the beauty elegantly says the name of God of the rainbow 'Iris! Iris!'. Other girls just can say 'Oh it's so romantic!' That's a difference. So God gives you two or more gifts.

Get over my corpse!

Well done and congratulations to me! I got the most prestigious Japanese fellowship for working abroad! So far I have succeeded to get 7 fellowships, some of which I had to refuse to accept because of overlapping the period of fellowships (out of which I got 6 fellowships.). This time I had tried the same fellowship that I already got an informal decision but refused three years ago. Therefore, I was successful to get the fellowship twice, both of which they offered exemption from the interview! I am proud of myself that I have earned my salary and money for my work by myself, independently of hire by the working place. Now I am a bit confident I am good at (or have a talent?) persuading (or tricking?) people to get funds...Whatever, work, work, work!